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There are many benefits to exercising for example it reduces the chances of you getting heart disease.

Many people believe if you exercise you can get thinner and skinnier but they don't know that a lot of benefits are brought when exercising e.g 20% lower risk of breast cancer, 50% lower risk of colon cancer, 68% lower risk of hip fracture etc.

Do you not see the pattern? It reduces everything meaning you can live a stronger and healthier life through exercising.

Many people are used to driving around in their cars to go to work or school and this results in people being less active and many people are being entertained from their TV or computer screen instead of going outside and research shows that many adults spend more than seven hours a day sitting down, at work, on transport at their own time.

To stay fit and healthy, adults will have to exercise in a week for about 150 minutes by doing a variety of activities to ensure you are being active and healthy. Another way is to do everyday activities such as walking and cycling instead of using a car since it is more Eco friendly and doesn't create pollution.

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