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This page is dedicated to our current and potential care staff. It will provide information on how to apply, future training dates and what HG Care are currently doing

We are currently recruiting staff members across all our areas. If you interested in working with HG Care, please fill in the application form

Why HG Care?

HG Care are the biggest provider in domiciliary and social care around Manchester and Stockport. We work closely with councils to ensure the quality of our care is maintained and constantly improving. Unlike many other care agencies, we have an in-house trainer who is constantly helping you to improve your skills and knowledge. Our recent CQC ratings have indicated our approach to care is person centred and that we meet their high quality standards. 

How can we help?

About HG Care

We are the biggest provider in Stockport and Manchester and have over 15 years experience in the field. We offer excellent training and personal growth opportunities within our organization and have very competitive pay rates

HG Staff

Our staff members can login by creating the button below. 

If you're interested in working with HG Care, you can apply from our

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