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Taking Care Of Our Elders

Here at HG Care we understand that the care of our elderly can be very stressful and challenging at times. This can be because their needs and level of care can vary. This includes helping them with their personal care and also taking care of their daily routine. It may be best to plan well ahead about how you will be taking care of your aging seniors.

Top Tips

Make changes in the house - Move any extra or cluttered furniture that may be around the house to make it easy for the elders to move around.

Equip home with the correct and safe moving and handling devices if needed; Grab bars near toilet and shower; non-slip mats,strips and pads for slippery areas around the house; smoke detectors with vibrate feature or with strobe lighting; anti scald devices for shower and faucets; night lights installed in and around the house.

There's a lot more things you can do to assist with the better care of the elderly at home.

Keep track - Keeping elders safe and comfortable is very important, especially if they are going to be home alone. Installing special elder care products which can be strategically placed motions sensors which allow you to keep track on their whereabouts.

As there are no microphones or cameras allowed due to keeping privacy intact, so these sensors send an alarm or message if anything out of the ordinary happens during the time an elder is alone.

Hire someone - Your loved one may live far and you aren't able to reach them as often as you'd like. Hiring a knowledgeable professional that you can locate through a local agency may be ideal. Not only can they help with elders as and when they need them, as well as take them to emergency appointments, they can also provide help by being a companion.

Cater for expenses - Anticipating expenses to maintain an elders health and independence is something to be mindful of. You may be required to source and pay for a few services; a helper or caretaker, cover their health charges; routine check-ups and their daily expenditures - if they are dependent on you.

Visit them often - The time you spend with your elders makes a difference to them as they look forward to being with you. Also, if you visit them often you would know whether they are safe, living well and emotionally sound too. You can keep an eye open for any changes around i.e if the house is unkempt, there are unopened mail lying around, plants not watered, soiled clothes, any bruises indicating they had a fall etc. Make sure your elders have good neighbors that can keep checking in often.

Additional tasks you may need to do for elderly care at home

  • Providing healthy and safe surrounding

  • Arranging adequate social interaction

  • Make preparations for medical care

  • Managing the finances

  • Organizing their medication

  • Making provision for care when you are away

HG Care

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